Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lawn Fawn shaker card

This was my first attempt with a shaker card. I don't know.... I had a lot of issues with this card! It also took me a wrrk to complete!! The tree and frame are Lawn Fawn's "Leafy tree background". I saw this die in a store but I didn't pick it up and I regretted it. So I ended up ordering it on line not knowing that there were two versions of it. This one was the portrait version. I would have rathered the other, but who knows maybe I will still get it. I used images from Lawn Fawn's "Jump for Jou" as well as "Mom and Me". I colored the images with my Copics. I used my hills die and cloud dies as well. Now here are my issues. First, it annoys me that the tree frame die is exactly 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches. I feel like the die should have been made slightly smaller then an A2 card so that it could be layered onto the card. If it wasn't a shaker card it would be easy to trim down and mat.
Second I had so much trouble getting the color right for the fox. I can't even twll you what colors I ended up using. I just kept layering and layering until the color loomed okay.
Third I wanted a spring card but I really couldn't decide how to fill the space without using the leaf pile. So I ended up taking the original shaker apart and redoing it to make it more Fall like. Below is the Spring version:
 My original coloring on the fox, it us too orange! (Yes if I am cutting it out I go out of lines)
So anyway there you have it. Not in love with the result, but it is finished.

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